Bicycling under Attack Again in US Senate

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It’s happening again. Just one month ago, Sen. Coburn (R-OK) failed in his efforts to strip funding for Transportation EnhancementsProgram (TEP) from the six-month transportation extension. The bicycle community generated over 75,000 responses to that attack on bicycling and walking and saved TEP.

It’s apparent lawmakers and lobbyists opposed to bicycling and walking hope to wear us down by repeated attacks on the primary source of funding to change our roadway from a system serving cars and trucks to a network that moves people and goods.  TEP amounts to less than 2% of the total  federal transportation program, yet bicyclists and pedestrians account for approximately 15% of traffic fatalities (Source: NHTSA).  Bicycling and walking should get more funding to reduce this inequity, not be cut from the funding!