83rd Street Now Legally Open to Bicyclists

It is now officially, legally, certifiably lifted.

The Ordinance removing the non-motorized vehicle ban on 83rd Street in De Soto has been advertised, as required by state law, in the Olathe News section of the Kansas City Star (see page 2 of the link, furthest right column – you know like where you usually ride your bike). The signs may not be down, but the ban IS lifted.

Ride legal.  Ride careful. Ride respectful.  Share the road. Few motorists using 83rd Street will be aware of the change or even notice when the signs come down. For a while they will not be expecting bicyclists on this road. After all, the ban was in place for 12 years. So please be extra cautious.  Keep an eye ahead for oncoming passing motorists and left turning motorists. Watch your mirror for motorists approaching from behind or making right turns. Report any illegal actions or harassment on the part of any roadway users, motorists or bicyclists, to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.