About KanBikeWalk

KanBikeWalk is a non-profit, statewide organization whose mission is to promote a safe bicycling and walking environment for Kansans through education and advocacy.

KanBikeWalk’s vision for active transportation includes increasing safety to reduce incidences of injury and death for all road users, and encourages walking and bicycling as modes of transportation, recreation, tourism, and sport.

Our members are the power that moves bicycle and pedestrian safety forward. Your membership has real impact. You do make a difference. Please join us.

KanBikeWalk Logo:

The following is the official KanBikeWalk logo, which you may use when linking to or referring to KanBikeWalk:


The KanBikeWalk logo is also available as a 120×60 button or as a scalable vector drawing (PDF).

More Information About KanBikeWalk: